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The price indicated covers a six-month subscription to a business page feed on Nouzie. Our seamless process ensures that any posts featuring an image will be swiftly shared on Nouzie within a 24-hour timeframe.

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Here’s how the process unfolds:

And here’s the exciting part: you won’t need to invest any extra effort. Once you’ve registered, we’ll create a profile for you on Nouzie. Optionally, you can provide a brief organizational bio and upload your logo to serve as your profile picture. Simply forward these to us. Once the account setup is complete, we’ll gather the URL of your Facebook business page and initiate the feed. Subsequently, whenever you publish a new post on your Facebook page, it will automatically be re-shared on Nouzie within 24 hours and distributed across our social media networks. At the close of each calendar month, we’ll furnish you with a comprehensive report detailing your Nouzie account’s performance metrics, encompassing the total views garnered.


Remember, without followers on your Facebook page, posts may go unnoticed, especially considering some users lack Facebook accounts.

To leverage our service, ensure your Facebook presence is in the form of a business page, not a personal page or group.

Our platform thrives on visual content, exclusively re-sharing posts featuring images.

Join Nouzie today to amplify your online presence effortlessly and effectively!

Also, repeating posts will be limited on Nouzie.