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The price listed is for 6 months of a business page feed. As long as posts contain an image the will be posted within 24 hours on Nouzie.

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How does it work …

Here’s the best part; there is no extra work on your part. After signing up, you will be set up with a profile on Nouzie. We will then retrieve the URL of your Facebook business page and start importing your Facebook posts to Nouzie. After the initial setup, when a new post is added to your Facebook page, within 24 hours, it will be re-posted on Nouzie and also go out to our social media accounts. At the end of each calendar month, we will contact you with your stats (total number of views your postsreceived on Nouzie).

Keep in mind that …

Facebook pages are not indexed by search engines, so re-posting on our platform will allow you to have a bigger audience;
Unless your Facebook page is followed, posts are not seen and a growing number of people do not have Facebook accounts;
For our service to work, your page on Facebook must be a business page and not a personal page or group;
Our platform is image-heavy, so only posts that contain an image will be re-posted.

Also, repeating posts will be limited on Nouzie.